Part 3: Water & climate change policy: A brief history for future progress


A series of articles have been developed on water and climate policy by some members of the #CIW Steering Committee.

John H. Matthews, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation; Karin Lexén and Sofia Widforss, Stockholm International Water Institute; Diego J. Rodriguez, The World Bank Group; Maggie White, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation

This article continues from Part 1 and Part 2 of “Water & Climate Change Policy: A Brief History for Future Progress” also published on the Global Water Forum. Part 1 of this article focuses on the water community’s earliest efforts to define issues and actors relevant to climate policy up to 2010. Part 2 describes how more effective communications and strategy led to stronger allies within the UNFCCC negotiation processes, as well as some early, if still modest, victories of collaboration. Part 3, here, explores the period from the most recent global climate policy conference to the present day, with speculation about where we may see water and climate policy headed into the future.

Read the whole Part 3 here.