An international initiative for organizations acting for water and climate

  • Climate change impacts water resources first and foremost by increasing variability in the water cycle, causing extreme weather events, reducing the predictability of water availability, affecting water quality and threatening sustainable development, biodiversity and access to essential drinking water and sanitation worldwide.

  • Sound water management increases resilience to climate change, connecting sectors and enabling sustainable development across administrative and geographic borders and through all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Managing water efficiently and sustainably at the basin scale, as recommended by the Source-To-Sea Approach, is the principal vector through which countries can adapt to climate change.

  • Water is critical for successful climate change mitigation, as many efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions depend on safe and reliable access to water resources. Additionally, emissions reductions and energy production from the water sector can contribute to larger emissions reduction targets.

  • Water needs to be managed sustainably across all sectors because it is essential not only for basic human needs and ecosystems but also energy, driving equality and equity, supporting livelihoods and industry.

  • Consumers and producers are at the centre of the global economy and can have huge impacts on both water quantity and quality. More sustainable production and consumption patterns are necessary to preserve water resources, reduce pollution and prevent damage to ecosystems, resulting in greater climate resilience.

  • Designing, building and retrofitting sustainable water infrastructure is key to protecting against the effects of climate change. Combining grey with green/nature-based infrastructure solutions is a cost-effective solution for urban water security, climate resilience, and biodiversity as well as offering mitigation co-benefits.

What is #ClimateIsWater ?

The #ClimateIsWater initiative was launched in late-2015, in the run-up to theParis COP21, based on the premises that:

  • The obvious links between water and climate change have for a long time been ignored in international climate summits
  • To federate members of the water community from around the globe to speak with one voice for water


The long-term aim of #ClimateIsWater is to strengthen the position of water within the climate negotiations and the UNFCCC processes. It provides a platform where members of the water community can share information among themselves and beyond their networks, and collaborate to create a louder, unified voice to achieve higher impact in reaching out to the climate community at every level for better consideration of water issues.

Download the #ClimateIsWater presentation flyer.

#ClimateIsWater achievements

  • Key actor in the increased attention given to water within the climate debate
  • Organized an official Water Day since COP23 with several events associated with #ClimateIsWater


  • High-level strategic workshop “Raising ambitions on the road to CoP25”


    Placed under the theme “Raising ambitions on the road to CoP25”, the high-level strategic workshop will aim to increase global climate ambitions through the crucial recognition of water as a main game-changer. It will serve as preparation for CoP25, to be held in Santiago, Chile, in December 2019. The central objective of the meeting is […]

  • COP23 – Global Climate Action Water Media Briefing Roundtable


    Find the Global Climate Action Water Media Briefing Roundtable here.

  • COP23 – Gobal Climate Action Media Briefing: Energy, Water, Agriculture


    Find the Global Climate Action Media Briefing for Energy, Water, Agriculture Action Days here.

  • COP23 – UN CLIMATE PRESS RELEASE / 10 NOV, 2017 Financing Must Triple to Meet Climate and SDG Goals for Water


    Financing Must Triple to Meet Climate and SDG Goals for Water Bonn, Nov 10 – The majority of national climate plans with an adaptation component which have been submitted under the Paris Climate Change Agreement prioritise action on water, yet financing would need to triple to 255 billion euros (about USD295 billion) per year to meet such targets. […]

  • IISD Article on the #CIW Side Event at the Bonn Climate Change Conference


    The side event entitled “Implementation of NDCs – climate finance for water-related adaptation and mitigation action” and co-convened by Global Water Partnership, International Water Association and World Water Council, three members of the #ClimateIsWater initiative at the Bonn Climate Change Conference was covered by IISD. Find the article here.  

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